Plymouth Fire Stations #2 and #3 break ground

On June 9, the City of Plymouth and Plymouth Fire Department held a groundbreaking ceremony for Fire Stations #2 and #3 at the current site of station #2.

CNH Project Architects and Principals Brooke Jacobson and Quinn Hutson, along with Senior Associate and Interior Designer Ashley Klis were on site to participate in the celebration.

City of Plymouth Mayor Jeffry Wosje, City Manager Dave Callister, Public Safety Director Eric Fadden, and Fire Chief Rodger Coppa spoke to guests and participants about the needs for updates to the fire stations. Minnesota State Senator Ann Johnson Stewart was also present.

Callister thanked the many individuals that it took for the project to happen at all phases. Wosje explained that the new stations will not only give firefighters what they need to do their jobs and protect the community, but the upgrades will also keep them safe from carcinogens and contaminants. Both stations will have dedicated turnout gear spaces. Dorms are being added to benefit the 24/7 firefighter staff. Fadden pointed out that he is excited for the fire department’s administration team to all be under one roof as a result of this project.

Coppa called attention to the efforts of CNH as well as the contractor, RJM Construction.

“I want to talk about CNH Architects, working on both projects, they have been incredible to work with. Their experience and expertise has been invaluable to us, ” Coppa said, “A lot of work has gotten us to where we are today, just to get ground moving.”

“Allowing us to live out of these stations is critical, allowing us to get to our residents’ needs faster, and the way these stations are set up to allow us to function more effectively is really the critical component,” he continued.

photo courtesy of the City of Plymouth

Station #2 is being completely rebuilt and Fire Station #3 is being remodeled with an addition. Along with dorms and dedicated turnout gear spaces, a plethora of on-site training opportunities are planned for both stations. Learn more about the fire station designs here.

View drone footage of both stations here:

Stations #2

Station #3

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Burnsville Fire Station No. 1: Coming Soon

CNH’s largest fire station to date, the City of Burnsville’s Fire Station No. 1 is home to a crew of all full-time firefighters and more than 44,000 SF with 10 apparatus bays. Firefighter safety was one of nine top priorities for the station. Multiple contamination zones and a designated de-contamination area will allow firefighters to keep contaminated equipment and clothing in the apparatus bay until decontaminated. Another priority in the design was firefighter mental health. A warning system that slowly ramps up with alert tones and lighting while only alerting responding staff ensures firefighters are not awoken in an abrupt manner. The station includes areas for relaxation with different lighting to promote natural sleep rhythms, as well as a yoga studio and meditation garden. Extensive firefighter training features including Firefighter 1 and advanced training elements are another highlight of the station.