Leverage our decades of expertise and innovation to achieve your facility’s architectural and design goals.

Partner with CNH, and our talented architects and interior designers will make certain your needs are met at every step of your project.

Leverage our decades of experience and sustainability expertise for a greener, more efficient facility

Partner with CNH, and our talented architects will make certain your needs are met
at every step of your project
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Ziegler – Columbus, MN

Phase One of an 80 acre site master plan, this project consisted of a 65,000 new square foot maintenance, storage, shop, and office complex for this heavy equipment distribution/maintenance company. This facility uses a number of energy saving strategies that are specific to a vehicle shop environment. All ventilated air is passed through a heat exchanger that is low maintenance and easily cleaned. Because of the large ventilation requirements and the dirty exhaust fumes, this system greatly reduces energy consumption.

Ziegler - Willmar, MN

The newest addition to the Ziegler CAT family in Willmar, MN includes showstopping elements such as an 18-bay repair shop with two five-ton underhung bridge cranes fit with the latest in fall protection equipment. Another cannot miss highlight on the 75-acre site is the grand showroom displaying vehicles and equipment of all sizes. This space allows customers to shop and be served by staff in an exclusive, yet comfortable setting. Sustainability features include a photovoltaic panel array (“solar farm”) and an electric vehicle charging station.

Polar Service Center

This project is a new office and service facility for building, repairing and certifying tanker trailers. The building uses a manufactured metal building frame and panels with decorative block accents. The service bays include a bridge crane, locker rooms and a two story parts storage area.

Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

This major addition to the existing MMCD facility greatly expanded the office space and provided all new vehicle and equipment storage. The project included extensive site work to integrate the new additions into the existing property. Sustainable design was also an integral feature to all new work.

Shaw-Lundquist Building

Designed for the general contractor Shaw-Lundquist, the space in this 17,000 square foot facility is evenly divided between construction storage and office function areas. The site also allows for additional construction storage in an exterior yard, which is screened by the building. The main entrance is through a skylit vestibule that extends into the reception area. The office area includes offices for staff, a plan room, and workroom for subcontractors.


Combining office, warehouse, and manufacturing operations, this building mixes these uses at this highly visible industrial park site. The exterior blend of brick, metal panels, and EIFS blends into the detailed but economical precast panels of the warehouse and manufacturing sections. Inside, the upgraded reception and waiting areas create a welcoming atmosphere. Samples of Crystal-D’s award products are highlighted and on display in the showroom.

Buerkle Honda

The Buerkle Honda project more than doubled the size of the existing facility. The all new and greatly expanded showroom, sales and finance offices, customer lounge, and service reception areas were added to one end of the existing dealership. Easy to follow customer circulation was essential, as was the visual connection between the showroom and the added pre-owned vehicle sales lot, both for customer convenience and sales staff efficiency. The new showroom and service reception combine the Honda corporate design elements with the finish and comfort upgrades desired by the dealer. Particular attention was paid to the customer lounge, where a variety of spaces were created: a fireside lounge, club chair groups and a specialized high tech bar area with built in charging stations. The service side of the facility also received major attention with a doubling of service stalls, added car wash and detailing bays, all new lifts, and a complete fluid distribution system. Windows and skylights were added to both the existing and expanded bays to provide a significant improvement in daylight within the service department.

Ziegler – Buhl, MN

This project for Ziegler Inc., a Caterpillar dealer, consists of an expansion to existing office space and the addition of two new buildings designed to handle assembly, maintenance, and service for mining trucks used in Minnesota’s Iron Range. Because these vehicles are too tall and wide to travel on public highways, they’re shipped to the site in pieces and then welded together. To accommodate their immense size, the welding shop features 35-foot high doors (equivalent to three stories high), 80-foot ceilings, cranes to assist in assembly, and a system to recycle and filter air. The mining equipment is cleaned using high pressure hoses and water cannons in the 15,000 sf wash bay. A series of three holding pools allows the dirt to settle and water to be reused. As the pits fill with soil, front end loaders come down the ramps, scoop up the dirt and take it away to a recycling area.

Valley Chevrolet Hastings

This project is one of four dealerships in the Valley Auto Group that was remodeled as part of the new GM Facility Image Program. CNH helped to determine the most beneficial way to implement the upgrades. Due to the existing building’s systems and age, the service bay and parts department were maintained but the showroom and customer contact areas were rebuilt. The new open layout and welcoming facility utilizes energy efficient strategies such as LED lighting and durable materials including wallcoverings, ceramic tile, quartz counters, and epoxy flooring in service reception drives to create a totally new customer experience. Workflow was improved and compliance with the new GM standards was met.

Valley Buick GMC

This project took full advantage of GM’s image upgrade program. In addition to updating their appearance inside and out, improvements that addressed work flow issues and repairs to the facility were made. CNH represented and advocated for the dealership when dealing with General Motors and their corporate architectural representatives and coordinated furniture and signage vendors. As a result, the finishes used comply with the new standards, the customer lounge was expanded and modernized, and lighting was updated to low energy, long life LED fixtures.

Bobby & Steve’s Autoworld

Situated on the edge of downtown Minneapolis, this upscale project consists of a convenience store, fueling island, service stalls and car wash. These functions are placed into two buildings tucked into this tight site creating a diagonal vehicle flow that was reflected in the angled portions of the buildings. The Owner’s philosophy of developing an atmosphere of success to draw customers in was expressed with the high quality materials and interesting image.

Ziegler – North Mankato, MN

A regional service center for Caterpillar equipment, this facility is designed to handle the multiple functions similar to a MnDOT truck facility. Service area has overhead cranes, vehicle ventilation systems and other systems to handle the truck environment. Warehouse stores parts for use by the service department. Office areas include training rooms, locker rooms, conference, service counters and mechanical/electrical/computer/communication areas. A two story entrance area creates a link between the main level and upper office area. Provisions are made for acoustical, lighting and temperature control throughout the project.

Superior Service Center

This project consists of adding a new 10,000 sf collision repair building and full remodeling the existing 5,000 sf automobile service function. The building includes hoists, spray booths, racks, and fluid distribution systems.

Burnsville Fire Station No. 1: Coming Soon

CNH’s largest fire station to date, the City of Burnsville’s Fire Station No. 1 is home to a crew of all full-time firefighters and more than 44,000 SF with 10 apparatus bays. Firefighter safety was one of nine top priorities for the station. Multiple contamination zones and a designated de-contamination area will allow firefighters to keep contaminated equipment and clothing in the apparatus bay until decontaminated. Another priority in the design was firefighter mental health. A warning system that slowly ramps up with alert tones and lighting while only alerting responding staff ensures firefighters are not awoken in an abrupt manner. The station includes areas for relaxation with different lighting to promote natural sleep rhythms, as well as a yoga studio and meditation garden. Extensive firefighter training features including Firefighter 1 and advanced training elements are another highlight of the station.