Leverage our decades of expertise and innovation to achieve your facility’s architectural and design goals.

Partner with CNH, and our talented architects and interior designers will make certain your needs are met at every step of your project.

Leverage our decades of experience and sustainability expertise for a greener, more efficient facility

Partner with CNH, and our talented architects will make certain your needs are met
at every step of your project
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Dakota County CDA

The Dakota County Community Development Agency office building is a new 30,000 square foot two story building. It houses CDA’s administrative, client services and development functions. Along with private and open offices, the project includes a training facility and board room. Natural ponding on the property cleans and controls storm water run-off. Low glare outside lighting of the parking lot and building accents the natural environment.

Apple Valley City Hall

This city hall complex includes a state-of-the-art council chambers, training room, and public meeting space. The offices are organized into pods of open office space with private offices surrounding. Conference rooms and support spaces are shared among the offices. Key objectives of the design included room for future expansion, durability, and flexibility to mechanically and electrically zone the building based on time-of-day and public uses. This project is displayed as a sustainable design case study on Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s website.

Apple Valley Senior Center

This project is Two-Globes Certified under the Green Globe rating. The facility uses a combination of daylight harvesting, heat pumps, ventilation air exchange and in-floor radiant heating to provide comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Apple Valley Liquor Store #3

Completed in 2008, this project was the first project in Minnesota to receive a Green Globe certification. The Green Building Initiative recognized this project with a “Two Globe” rating, and the building is also Energy Star certified. Using a highly efficient geothermal heat pump system and ventilation exchange allows this building to greatly reduce energy usage. The beer coolers are also integrated into the geothermal system.

North Country Bottle Shop

The new North Country Bottle Shop was designed to generate better cash flow by attracting new customers and reducing costs through efficient systems.
Welcoming customers starts on the site where the parking lot accommodates cars, pickup trucks with trailers and RVs for convenient access to the store. A bright and spacious interior reduces visual clutter to emphasize the product for sale. A trellis covered wine area, large retail floor and walk-in beer cave provide for plenty of selection and easier circulation throughout the store.
Geothermal heating and cooling, occupancy sensor controls, LED lighting and other high efficient building systems substantially reduce the overall cost of operating the store. Along with these systems, the store is laid out and shelved to reduce handling a larger volume of product and allowing staff to spend more time with customers.

Metropolitan Mosquito Control District

This major addition to the existing MMCD facility greatly expanded the office space and provided all new vehicle and equipment storage. The project included extensive site work to integrate the new additions into the existing property. Sustainable design was also an integral feature to all new work.

Minnesota Zoo Black Bear Exhibit

The new Black Bear Exhibit along the zoo’s Minnesota Trail was designed to house three young black bears. The project includes a holding building, visitor viewing areas and an exhibit space that contains rock formations, indigenous vegetation, and water elements based on a bear’s natural habitat.
The exhibit consists of a rock bear cave with small public viewing window, outdoor exhibit with pond, view gallery with large window looking into the outdoor exhibit, and enclosed bear dens with zoo staff access. Steep grade on the existing site required the building step down towards the lake with retaining walls to allow service access. The areas viewable by the public are designed to give the look of the Minnesota north woods with rock work and landscaping.
The holding building provides a secure, low maintenance area for staff to care for the bears. Controlled circulation of the animals allow zoo keepers the ability to separate bears when required and capture individuals when necessary. Durable materials are used to withstand the wear and tear of housing large animals. Special and multiple animal caging systems are used to ensure the security of staff and the public. Areas for cleaning, food distribution, and other animal care features are provided within this building.

Roy Wilkins Memorial Restoration

Dedicated in 1995, the memorial was in need of some refreshment. CNH worked with Capital Area Architectural and Planning Board (CAAPB) and an art preservation specialist to determine the best approach for repairs and repatinization.

In four months the following work was completed:

Burnsville Fire Station No. 1: Coming Soon

CNH’s largest fire station to date, the City of Burnsville’s Fire Station No. 1 is home to a crew of all full-time firefighters and more than 44,000 SF with 10 apparatus bays. Firefighter safety was one of nine top priorities for the station. Multiple contamination zones and a designated de-contamination area will allow firefighters to keep contaminated equipment and clothing in the apparatus bay until decontaminated. Another priority in the design was firefighter mental health. A warning system that slowly ramps up with alert tones and lighting while only alerting responding staff ensures firefighters are not awoken in an abrupt manner. The station includes areas for relaxation with different lighting to promote natural sleep rhythms, as well as a yoga studio and meditation garden. Extensive firefighter training features including Firefighter 1 and advanced training elements are another highlight of the station.