Time for a refresh: new logo builds for the future

It began with a drafting style lettered design. Then tall and skinny letters were “in.” Bold letters followed, and finally, torn paper imagery separated an all caps visual. That about sums up 50 years of CNH Architects’ logo history.

-excerpt from History of CNH Logos


After nearly 25 years with CNH’s “torn paper” logo (a nod to the bumwad architects used to draft on) the time has come for a makeover.

With growth in the company and the promotion of several staff members, the new logo and color scheme represents just that: growth and the future. But not to worry, nothing else about the Apple Valley-based firm will be changing.
CNH is client-focused, meeting the needs of client always comes first and will continue to come first.
With modern and cutting edge designs, it only seemed fitting to have a logo and brand to match. Paired with an aesthetically pleasing and fresh color scheme, the new look of CNH Architects should do just that.
“The logo is now eye-catching, just like our designs,” said CNH Principal Quinn Hutson.
The arrows of the new logo might signify moving toward the future and the leadership growth in the company, but they can also be seen as drafting squares coming together to create one design. Just like CNH works with clients to meet their goals and merge their visions to create a cohesive design, one arrow for the client’s idea and one arrow for CNH’s expertise.
The gradient of colors within the arrows expresses the interior design department at CNH, which has made significant growth in the past three years.

The new logo comes with flexibility too, something that was important to CNH leadership during the design process. The icon can be paired with “CNH Architects” and it can also stand alone. “We want to be known by the icon.” Hutson explained, “This is part of building for the future.”


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Leverage our decades of expertise and innovation to achieve your facility’s architectural and design goals.

Partner with CNH, and our talented architects and interior designers will make certain your needs are met at every step of your project.

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Partner with CNH, and our talented architects will make certain your needs are met
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