Stone Brook Academy opens in Ramsey

The newest day care project for CNH Architects is the Stone Brook Academy facility in downtown Ramsey, Minn.

“They were looking for someone to guide them through the decision process and to help them understand the particular code requirements for a day care,” said CNH Principal Quinn Hutson.

With its location in Ramsey City Center, within a block of City Hall, Ramsey Station and the Northstar Line, the mixed design provides the residential feel desired by the owner, and the commercial downtown feel required by the city, Hutson explained.

“We found a solution that the city was satisfied with, while also keeping the client’s goals in mind.”

One such change was to create the appearance of a street and sidewalk facing front door with an awning and glass design (see above rendering), while the day care entrance is at the rear and connected with the parking lot for more safety.

Stone, brick and stucco materials are used on the exterior, which features a sloped gable roof on the main structure and a flat roof on the street corner, providing a commercial feel.  Interior finishes emphasize durable, yet home-like materials, including wood grained floors and a soft color scheme.

The 9,200 square-foot day care can serve up to 140 children, from infants on up to preschoolers.

Now open, the building and site are receiving a few finishing touches. Interested families are invited to schedule a tour.

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Partner with CNH, and our talented architects will make certain your needs are met
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