New Ziegler CAT Facility in Willmar Features Grand Showroom

The newest addition to the Ziegler CAT family in Willmar, MN includes showstopping elements such as an 18-bay repair shop with two five-ton underhung bridge cranes fit with the latest in fall protection equipment. Another cannot miss highlight on the 75-acre site is the grand showroom displaying vehicles and equipment of all sizes. This space allows customers to shop and be served by staff in an exclusive, yet comfortable setting. Sustainability features include a photovoltaic panel array (“solar farm”) and an electric vehicle charging station.

Prominently located off of Highway 71, the main building includes a warehouse, wash bay, offices, showroom, and locker rooms. According to Project Manager Al Tsai, integrating a monolithic metal building into the modern façade required full collaboration between designers and engineers to detail the intersection of several different structural, metal pane, and curtain wall systems. 


Credit Line: “Anthony Gilbert © Gaffer Photography”
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Partner with CNH, and our talented architects will make certain your needs are met
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