Legacy project: Ziegler CAT Rebuild Center

Months of planning culminated in a large-scale remodeling of a Bloomington manufacturing building in 2016, transforming it into the fifth CAT large equipment Rebuild Center in the Western Hemisphere.

“This is our crown jewel right now. We’re pretty proud of this,” said Ziegler CAT Facilities Director Tary Draper.

The 120,000 square-foot structure houses sophisticated engine and transmission equipment, heavy truck wheel stations, offices, warehouse space and more. There are nine 20-ton overhead bridge cranes and 71 jib cranes ranging from 1 to 3-tons each.

A well thought out design and planning process involved months of weekly morning-long meetings with key managers and line staff who would use the new center. The structure was formerly used by the Anvil fire sprinkler company, and is across the freeway from Ziegler CAT’s Bloomington headquarters.

Highly versatile, it covers building and maintenance for engines ranging from a 30 hp skid steer to 4,500 hp landfill engines. An 86-foot long bay accommodates locomotives brought in via a rail spur.

“A lot of these large engines come from landfills or up on the (Iron) Range for us,” said Draper.

Massive dynamometers are used to test engines and transmissions here. The facility has a painting area, blast and steam rooms, parts washing and engine assembly and disassembly setups.

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