Inside tracker enjoys life

For the past nine years of substantial growth at CNH, Deb Childs has tracked projects, employees and invoices as the part-time accounting administrator.

On her first day, the accounting software and files were transferred to QuickBooks. More recently, CNH upgraded again to the industry software standard, Deltek Ajera. It allows Childs to not only track money spent and earned, but also time invested in each aspect of a project.

Childs is keenly focused on the in-house details, but also appreciates firm outings to walk through finished buildings. Like others on staff, she values the flexibility of CNH as personal needs arise, especially as her aging parents require time away from work.

Much earlier, she worked in elementary education, then as a voice telecommunications planner and in telephone system operations at Unisys. She later provided the accounting functions for a family consulting business that served large medical companies including Medtronic and Boston Scientific.

Childs’ three children are married. She has two granddaughters living close by, and makes family gatherings a priority. Additionally, Childs and her husband helped establish a small non-denominational church. They reach out to needy people in the community and she leads Bible studies and gives sermons on occasion.

Another interesting fact‑ Childs shares her birthday with CNH Architects. The firm started on November 12.

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Partner with CNH, and our talented architects will make certain your needs are met
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