CNH Restores Roy Wilkins Memorial

CNH Architects recently restored the Roy Wilkins Memorial located in the Minnesota Capitol Mall of Memorials and Monuments.

Consisting of 46 elements, the sculptural memorial is titled “Spiral for Justice” and represents the 46 years Wilkins spent as leader of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP.)

The walls of the memorial symbolize barriers created by racial segregation, which impeded equality. The pyramids spiral upward to represent Wilkins’ belief that racial equality could occur through effective legislation.

Roy Wilkins Memorial After Restoration

Dedicated in 1995, the memorial was in need of some refreshment. CNH worked with Capital Area Architectural and Planning Board (CAAPB) and an art preservation specialist to determine the best approach for repairs and repatinization.

In four months the following work was completed:

  • Removed and reset existing granite and bronze pavers
  • Repatinization of bronze monument walls and obelisks
  • Repaired bronze interpretive doors
  • Refinished teak benches

CNH also worked to restore the nearby Peace Officers Memorial. To learn more about the Roy Wilkins Memorial and other memorials and monuments at the Capitol, visit the CAAPB website.

Roy Wilkins After
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