CNH Principal Brooke Jacobson completes AIA Leadership Forum

CNH Principal Architect Brooke Jacobson recently completed the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Leadership Forum. The seven month seminar series is geared toward developing the leadership skills of mid-career architects.

Jacobson was one of 16 architects tapped to participate in the 2021 forum. Each year only a select number of architects who apply are chosen to be a part of the group. The group members all need to be AIA members, have at least ten years’ professional experience, and be a licensed architect.

From January to July, the group met twice monthly virtually before celebrating with an in-person finale in September. This was the first group to complete the program virtually due to COVID protocols.

Throughout the meetings, Jacobson recalls learning the following:

  • Individual strengths through Strength Finder Assessment & applying strengths toward leadership goals
  • Individual core values
  • Increased self-awareness on strengths/weaknesses and how to relate with others
  • Understanding leadership styles and when to use the different styles with different types of people
  • Build individual and organization cultural self-awareness
  • How to take tools & skills and implement them not only into the work place but in the community and volunteer roles

“Overall the program was a very valuable experience to further develop my leadership and communication skills, learn about myself, set priorities and work towards continuously improving as I continue on my leadership journey,” she said.

About AIA’s Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum develops and fosters leadership skills of mid-career AIA Minnesota member architects. The primary areas of focus include:

  • Developing and strengthening a participant’s understanding of and skills in the following areas: leadership styles and values; self-awareness; intercultural development; communication; motivation and engagement; leadership case studies; future trends and advocacy; and application and implementation
  • Creating a network of diverse professionals focused on leadership development

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