CNH intern gains experience, brings fresh perspective

Regan Kerfeld worked for three months as an architectural intern with CNH Architects.

“As always, when working with architectural students, we value their fresh perspective to our routines,” said CNH Principal Quinn Hutson. “Regan put in some hard work during a very busy time for us.”

Kerfeld assisted with construction documents for a daycare facility to verify the plan graphics. Her focus project was for FRAME MN, an Eagan framing shop that needed a redesigned interior to go with its new name and identity. Working with two architects in the firm and interacting with the owner, Kerfeld and the team created an interior design plan that included the layout, colors and choices for finishing materials.

She also has some advice for interns. “If it is something that you have not done before, ask others to show you how to do the project so that later you can do it on your own.” She said this avoids heading in the wrong direction from the start.

Kerfeld’s strongest architectural interest is in how building structures and interior designs can assist in healing, specifically in hospitals and in residential settings. Her goal is to gain more experience with exterior designs and landscaping. At CNH, she completed 480 hours of the 3,000 required for her architectural credentials.

She returns to Kansas State University for her fifth year to complete her master’s thesis and may move to Spain during that time for a study abroad experience. Kerfeld’s family lives in Chaska, and she is a graduate of Chaska High School.

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Partner with CNH, and our talented architects will make certain your needs are met
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