Burnsville Fire Station No. 1 Groundbreaking Ceremony

On Monday, August 24, the City of Burnsville and Burnsville Fire Department held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Fire Station No. 1.

Project Architects and CNH Principals Quinn Hutson and Brooke Jacobson, along with Interior Designer and Senior Associate Ashley Klis participated in the celebration.

City of Burnsville Mayor Elizabeth Kautz and Fire Chief BJ Jungmann gave speeches recognizing the hard work of many to bring this project to fruition and also highlighted the many state-of-the-art features the brand new fire station will have.

“So many people worked hard to make this happen…” Mayor Kautz said. “Thank you to all the staff at CNH Architects and Kraus Anderson for your help on this project… we really appreciate all the work you’ve done to get us here.”

Ashley Klis, Brooke Jacobson, and Quinn Hutson at the Burnsville Fire Station No. 1 Groundbreaking

Fire Station No. 1 will be more than 44,000 square feet with ten apparatus bays and was designed by CNH to accommodate the fire department well into the future. It is home to a staff of all full-time firefighters.

Firefighter safety was one of nine top priorities for the station. Multiple contamination zones and a designated de-contamination area will allow firefighters to keep contaminated equipment and clothing in the apparatus bay until decontaminated.

Jungmann told the crowd that mental health issues “are rising in first responders.” Fire Station No. 1 is designed with a warning system that will slowly ramp up with alert tones and lighting while only alerting the staff that are needed to respond to the call, to ensure firefighters are not awoken in an abrupt manner, he explained. The station will include areas for relaxation with different lighting to promote natural sleep rhythms. Physical, mental, and skill training features are another highlight of the station.

The new fire station will have a clear public entrance and hopes to be welcoming to the community. The building will also be sustainable.

To learn more about Burnsville Fire Station No. 1 and follow updates on its progress, visit




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