Frequently Asked Questions

What about mergers, relocations and expansions?

Many people think of hiring an architect when their business is growing, but it can be just as important for companies that are looking to reduce in size. Our past project experience has helped us to develop many ideas which turn into options for projects built on thinking "outside the box." Spaces can be created to lease in order to maximize your return on unneeded square-footage.

There are many different challenges, but adding the creative technical expertise of an architect can help you to synthesize all of your goals, whether you are reducing your footprint, or expanding to meet new demand.

Additionally, we can find ways to make your spaces more uniform and offer consultation about how to use areas more efficiently. For those who plan to grow, we can assist with planning well into the future, based on your expectations. The main thing to remember is that it's smart to engage an architect whenever your business is changing, whether that means growth or consolidation. Having efficient, and well thought out spaces will benefit your business in the short and long term.

Does CNH do construction administration?

There are multiple ways to carry through a project, but CNH is covering construction administration for 80 to 90 percent of its jobs. Construction administration involves services from the architectural firm through the entire construction period of the contract. CNH prides itself on this start to finish involvement with projects, from the design phase to implementation and followup after actual use.

Rather than construction management, which is a form of contracting, construction administration doesn't involve managing multiple subcontractors. It's more a review of the workmanship and products that are put into a project, their installation and any changes during the construction period. The goal is to protect the owner's value in the project.