The New Valleywood Clubhouse

April 28th, 2013

Welcome to the new Valleywood Clubhouse at Apple Valley's municipal golf course! Designed by CNH Architects, the new facility is fully equipped for golfers and golf events, with pro shop, social area with casual seating and bar, and main event room with kitchen and seating to serve 175 diners.

All will (soon) be welcome!

Our front entrance is really taking shape. When I drive (west) out of the shopping mall from across Pennock, I see our new building and dream of ways to make that approach/view well-lit and a strong statement of our presence in the community. The cross will be lit on top of the pillar and thousands of people each day will know Grace Lutheran Church is there to “welcome all!”

AgStar Financial

February 27th, 2013

CNH Architects worked with AgStar Financial Services to enhance the work environment in their Apple Valley office. The open-plan expansion incorporates both formal and casual collaboration spaces and utilizes environmentally friendly materials and lighting.

Fully enclosed!

As of last Friday, our building addition is fully enclosed and the inside is now being heated. We are told that progress happens quicker, as the inside construction moves more rapidly. Also, this week we can see the outside brick in place which resembles and matches the brick on our existing building. That’s a beautiful sight to see! It’s been quite a haul since we broke ground on Rally Sunday, last September, and we finally have something that really resembles a new building (addition). Our staff, like our members who participate weekly, continues to enjoy each new view that we get. My excitement is now growing more intensely as we get closer to completion. At this time we are thinking about a Rally Sunday (2013) dedication date (which will depend on whether most things are completed, of course). Let me take this opportunity to THANK ALL OF YOU who continue to generously support our capital appeal. We finished 2012 ahead of our projected giving, which is absolutely wonderful and so important. Let’s keep up that good work, even thinking now about special gifts that will be needed in addition to our pledges. Those gifts will make possible some of the things we needed to cut-out to make our building budget work. (The first, and most ambitious (extra) ’special gift’ to date, was a gift of $15,000 given at Christmas, so that we could buy and install the cross for the top of the tower near the entrance. That wouldn’t have happened without that family’s extra gift. Thank you and hopefully more of us will be inspired to do similiar things. Pastor John

Walls and Windows!

We are excited to see the progress so far on the needed addition to Grace. The steel work is all installed and, as you may have noticed, the precast flooring is all positioned in the steel structure. The schedule right now shows the building to be completely enclosed with a roof by the second week of February. Then by mid-May it’s anticipated that the building will be “substantially” complete. Working with CNH architects and Langer Construction has been very productive and well-organized from my perspective. Committee work has been smooth as well with finishes and hardware. Members of the congregation should feel free to contact the Buliding Committee with any questions or concerns. “God’s work . . . our hands.” For the Building Committee, Brian Williams

Lift HIgh the Cross !

“LIFT HIGH THE CROSS” If you have had a chance to pick up our brand new church directory you’ll see many pictures of the life of our congregation. One of the pictures in the directory is of our beautiful new education/youth building. It shows how the completed building will look. What an exciting new addition it will be! It is fun to see it take shape right before our eyes! Attached is a picture of the building as it looks now under construction with the cross tower in place and the cross soon to be installed on top. You may not know that the limited budget for this project does not allow us to include all the items we feel are important. We had to develop a “wish list”. The cross was on the list. Fortunately, a generous contribution for the cross was received to have it adorn our beautiful structure. We are very grateful for this gift to Grace. As we see the building progress and as we start to get closer to completion there will be opportunities for us to make the items on the “wish list” a reality. Let us all marvel at the beauty of our new building as it takes shape and watch for these opportunities for us to make our education/youth building the best it can possibly be. Let us all continue to “do our best” for Grace. Lee Nelson, Capital Campaign Committee

Snow and Steel . . .

Well, we made it!  Our plans and prayers were focused on getting the foundation in and the back-fill in place before the snow arrived. Our plans and prayers were realized and Langer Construction tells us we are right on schedule, right on track. This week we watched as the trucks delivered the steel and now the first floor building structure begins to take shape. Some have asked why the elevator shaft and stairwell casing had to be erected first. I’m told that it makes the best sense for sequencing – with the need for scaffolding –  and because blocks and mortar had to be done in a warm environment, whereas the poored walls (soon to be put in place) can be erected anytime. Good question though. Let me thank you, the congregation, for your patience and extra efforts with parking and walking and meeting in different rooms during this challenging time of construction.  It is certainly exciting, but it takes all of us working together to make it happen. Stay tuned as our new building now begins to grow rapidly upward.  To God be the glory! Pastor John