Buerkle Honda

The Buerkle Honda project more than doubled the size of the existing facility. The all new and greatly expanded showroom, sales and finance offices, customer lounge, and service reception areas were added to one end of the existing dealership. Easy to follow customer circulation was essential, as was the visual connection between the showroom and the added pre-owned vehicle sales lot, both for customer convenience and sales staff efficiency. The new showroom and service reception combine the Honda corporate design elements with the finish and comfort upgrades desired by the dealer. Particular attention was paid to the customer lounge, where a variety of spaces were created: a fireside lounge, club chair groups and a specialized high tech bar area with built in charging stations. The service side of the facility also received major attention with a doubling of service stalls, added car wash and detailing bays, all new lifts, and a complete fluid distribution system. Windows and skylights were added to both the existing and expanded bays to provide a significant improvement in daylight within the service department.