Firm history

CNH Architects was founded by the late Glenn Cording as Glenn W. Cording Associates, Inc. in 1969.  In the early years, Cording designed schools, industrial facilities, offices, churches, and private residences.  One such residence was for the cartoonist Charles Schultz. For all of these projects, Cording stressed a commitment to the client, not just the project.  This philosophy has carried through to this day.

The company designed courthouses, law enforcement centers, offices and vehicle maintenance facilities.  By 1976, the firm had changed its name to Cording-Natwick Associates, Inc., when John R. Natwick became a Principal and Owner.

Moving to its current location in Apple Valley, Cording-Natwick underwent significant changes in the early 1980s, when the founder phased into retirement.  At that time, Wayne G. Hilbert joined the firm as an Owner and Principal, and it became Cording-Natwick-Hilbert Architects, Inc.  Then, in 1986, Quinn S. Hutson joined the firm.  He became a Principal in 1992, and the name of the company was then changed to its present form, CNH Architects.  Natwick retired in 2010.

CNH made significant strides in green architecture in the early 2000s, when Hilbert was accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program, a consensus-based system that rates environmental performance for buildings.  Firm projects have since won more than a handful of Green Globe Awards by the Green Building Initiative.  One CNH project was the first in Minnesota to earn Three Green Globes recognition, a high, third party verified and sustainable certification.

Just after this period, Hutson led a firmwide effort to convert operations completely to 3-D BIM design modeling, leading the industry and improving product value for all CNH clients.  He also led design efforts for the Roseville Fire Station, a top-rated facility in the nation.  And, Hutson expanded CNH’s focus and expertise in public projects, day care facility designs and auto dealership structures.

With two active principals and an excellent support staff, CNH continues as a creative, full-service architectural firm that specializes in innovative government buildings, inviting church structures and pleasing, yet functional office, commercial and industrial facilities.  The firm is a key resource for clients that appreciate the start to finish service that assures complete satisfaction.

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