Small site, no problem for CNH Architects

When the Wayzata Country Club decided it was time to update and enhance their grounds crew maintenance building, CNH Architects stepped in.

For the past year, CNH has provided their services to update the maintenance building at the country club.  This included separating the space into two buildings.

According to Project Architect Jessica Johnson Kreps, the site area provided multiple design challenges. The Luce Line State Trail (which winds along the country club's grounds,) a neighboring housing development, and the golf course itself proved challenging to the already small building site.

CNH worked with Wayzata Country Club officials and contractors to decipher that two separate buildings would be the best solution.

Now, one building sits north of the Luce Line and one to the south of the trail, with the golf course just to the south and east.

One building serves as equipment storage and the other as a more traditional groundskeeping maintenance building including a wash bay, equipment and chemical storage, and employees spaces such as an office, laundry, locker, and break rooms.