Student sharpens interior design skills

October 18th, 2019
Student sharpens interior design skills

At the University of Minnesota’s College of Design, Liz Elton is a senior studying interior design. She’s also an intern with CNH Architects.

To fulfill a one-year requirement, she spends one day per week assisting CNH Interior Designer Ashley Klis. Elton will graduate in May 2020.

She has gained many design tips and techniques at CNH to apply to school projects. The experience steered her design focus from residential to commercial projects. Elton looks forward to coming in and the consistent welcomes she receives from CNH staff. Each week she is given a variety of projects to assist with.

Elton said she’s impressed with how CNH maintains good working relationships and understands the wants, needs and concerns of their clients. This focus enables CNH to build a customized architectural product that the client can fully utilize and enjoy.

A resident of Apple Valley, Elton enjoys baseball and tennis. She prefers to be out-of-doors with her dog, working on landscaping projects, boating and spending time at her cabin.