Senior professional designer passes architectural registration exams

Move puts Al Tsai on track to become registered architect

After an extensive process, Senior Project Designer Al Tsai with CNH Architects in Apple Valley has completed the national Architect Registration Examination (ARE). The testing has multiple divisions.

The status puts him on track to become a registered architect. “We are all excited about

Al Tsai

Al Tsai

his hard work and accomplishment,” said Quinn Hutson, a principal with the firm.

Tsai said he did a combination of two versions of the exam, beginning in ARE 4.0 and transitioning to ARE 5.0. There were six exams in total, each taking several hours to complete and requiring four to eight weeks of study. Professionals are given five years to complete the process. Tsai finished in three.

The designers’ four years of experience at CNH and 12 years with Myhre Group Architects in Portland, Ore. were helpful in the exam.

“I’m really proud of it and have been working on it for a long time,” said Tsai. “I feel like I can move forward with my career and on to bigger and better things.” State boards determine who can become a registered architect.

Tsai is married and makes his home in Apple Valley with his family.

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