Another great run, and some decorative help

Another great run, and some decorative help

CNH Architectural Designer Al Tsai got another great run in, this one with his daughter, and the two received some decorative help from Architect Brooke Jacobson, also with CNH.

The duo raced in the "Girls on the Run 5k" at Normandale Community College in Bloomington.  Some 4,500 runners participated.

They boarded a bus with a team of girls wearing brightly-colored tutus and headed to the race venue.  Many of the racers had customized their T-shirts.

"We were excited to see Goldy (the Minnesota Gophers mascot) and Prowl (the Minnesota Lynx mascot)," said Tsai.  Jacobson then decorated their hair, as Prowl tried to get in on the hair spray action.

The racers were grouped into "waves," with the Tsai's towards the end among the Silver wave.  The run circumnavigated the campus in a 5k loop.  "It was not easy," said Tsai.  "We took a few breathers and water breaks. It was very hot out and a bit humid."

Runners were cheered on by an accapella band and then later on by Heart and Soul Academy drum school.  Others from Tsai's family awaited them at the finish line, and, once in sight, Al and his daughter broke into a sprint and crossed it.  "We had a great time!"